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  1. Victoria Bayerl says:

    Some good authentic dishes to choose from

    Local Guide · 2 weeks ago

  2. Luke Jass says:

    Great food and service, lots of fun!

    Local Guide · One week ago

  3. I N says:

    Review left on Google 3 weeks ago:

    Tried this place out for the time yesterday with my husband, and we absolutely loved it! The owners are very nice, friendly, and welcoming, and the food is delicious! They also make their own hot sauce that you can buy YUM! I would recommend this place 100%

  4. David says:

    The food was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere was great. No TV’s, which is a great family atmosphere – a place where you could sit, enjoy your meal and actually talk to and hear the people you came with. HIGHLY recommended for couples and families. I plan on going back & bringing each of my different children & their family one by one. Could have eaten everything on the menu!

  5. Gabriel Pantano says:

    A Google Review left by User: Marian Sorenson

    2 weeks ago –

    Great food (Left a five star review)

  6. Gabriel Pantano says:

    A Google Review left by User: Mia Poole

    2 days ago –

    Love the food!!

  7. Gabriel Pantano says:

    A Google Review left by User: Mahum Bajwa

    A week ago-

    “Food was delicious!! I got chicken panesagnia with Porteguese Potetoes and Yummy Bobo and The deserts where AMAZING!! The service was exceptional and such an amazing experience!!”

  8. Gabriel Pantano says:

    A Google Review left by User: Frank Johns – Local Guide · 86 reviews

    3 weeks ago-

    “At the moment you enter this restaurant the waiters give you a pleasant feeling. Very warm waiters, it is a happy place to enjoy with your friends or with your date. delicious meals, skillful chief cook and stuff, decent pay and attentive service. Highly recommended.”

  9. Jessica W says:

    Eating this sandwich was like a religious experience. The arepas are SO FRESH and they have that special, subtle sweetness that good corn has. Perfect texture. The first thing you smell is the beautiful corn. Each sandwich is generous and the ingredients are extremely fresh. If you haven’t eaten here, you NEED TO.

  10. Dave B. says:

    Second time’s a charm – 1st impressions can be deceiving. On a whim we visited Samba Dec 19th for only the second time since they’ve opened. My reaction is WOW and I cannot wait to go back.

    The host was very warm, and quickly picked up, I was out with my wife to enjoy a night without the kids. He offered my wife the choice of remaining tables and was very much the gentleman. We were seated at the front window which was offers a view of busy and hip Hopkins Main Street.

    Our waiter was very engaging and quick to take a beverage order and ask if we were ready to order dinner. He recognized we were not in a hurry and backed off a bit with the disappearing act some spiteful waiters practice when they are only interested in turning a table.

    We enjoyed the Cod Cakes as an appetizer. They were warm and the tasty but
    I would prefer more cod and less other ingredients. The feijoada was very good. I would rate great if there we a few more pieces of pork. Their was a good quantity of beef. I loved the side of collared greens. My wife ate the Picanha. It was cooked to near perfection. The portion was almost too much for her. Nice!

    So, I recommend Samba. My first visit wasn’t disappointing but we felt we were in a fishbowl. The place was new, not crowded and music wasn’t enough to create some privacy for conversation. Our visit last night was very comfortable. I get the sense there is a steady clientele and the owners have established a nice cadence. If your looking for something in Hopkins, pay them a visit. There is a nice variety or independent restaurants happening in Hopkins, plus the LTD Brewery which allows to bring in food from a local joint, and our business will help them survive and get better.

  11. Micah C. says:

    I love this restaurant. Excellent, authentic Brazilian food! Great, friendly service, reasonable prices. Love the live music on the weekends. Try the pao de queijo & pastel appetizers. Can’t go wrong on the menu… Feijoada or anything from the grill with rice & beans with farofa are my favorites. Will keep coming back.

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